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I’m stuck in da practice….

Music video pre production is fun.

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See you guys on Saturday! Starts at 8! @sungravesmusic @the_bends_music #bennysforgottengarden
Throwback Thursday to that one time a fan came onstage to dance with us. #tbt #throwbackthursday #warpedtour #warpedtour2013  (at Pomona Fairgrounds)

Peeps! Mark your Calendars! July 26th! JACK’S, BENNY’S, BENDS, GRAVES! FREE SHOW!

Our night at the epic!

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In a few days…

I is Jack

I’ve got an itch in my mind

A bone to pick from your neck

Your mouth spills words of destruction

Think you’re a social wreck

I’ve got it in my mind

To speak up for what’s right

Your petty jokes never cease to annoy

I think you’re humanoid

You’re coming

From desperation

With your vulgar


Best keep it shut

I’ve got it in my head

That your disease will spread

I can’t stay here long

I’ve got to stay calm

These humanoids have it all wrong

Your blindness

Is discerning

No sense of reason

You’ve got your druthers

I go in one ear

And out your other

The clamor of bad

Silence the good

But don’t mess with me

I’ve been a wasting time

Preaching to wasted minds

Let them play in their filth

Let them be in the void

Let them be humanoids

I’m caught in the middle
Between heaven and hell
Cause you are an angel
And the devil herself
You know that I need you
I said that I do
But I can’t fucking stand you
And those things that you do

Can’t live with you
I can’t life without you
We’re one and the same
And yet I can’t stand you
I’m trying to figure you out
For me it’s nothing new
That everywhere I look it’s you
But I’m so sick of your disease
I love you I hate you guess I’ll have to take you

You’re right where I want you
Got you In my sights
Is it cause I can’t have you
Makes me want you more every time
Cause then when I see you
Roll around with someone new
There I go believing
That It should be me next to you

Now for me it’s nothing new that everywhere I look
All I see are signs of you and the peace you took
I’m dying to figure you out

For me it’s nothing new
That everywhere I look it’s you
I’m tired of fighting what I know
I long to be near you but fuck I don’t need you.